With great belief in leaving a legacy and a blueprint for the coming generations to follow, the Caveman brand introduces this elite group membership that will consist solely of astute men and women who through their life and achievements have silently yet loudly shone as icons of Value, Humanity, Conscience, Awareness of the essence of TIME and above all, the desire to make this world a better place by letting their legacy continue. Our ELDERS, the Gallant Men and women who will be the planters of trees that will provide shelter to the next generations. These are the patrons of the Caveman brand. Their value cannot be quantified. They are carefully selected and honored by the Company as the counsels and chaperones of the brand; veterans who have worked in silence, amassing great value unto themselves in a world where noise sells. They shall go down in history as men and women of substance and experience who built the foundation, directed and provided protection to the Cavemen Brand. They are the cavemen themselves. Men and women of intricate experience and network who will be the architects of the brand that will be an embodiment of how a few believed in the African dream and shook the status quo to set an example. This legend will be told in schools and homes and according to the tagline of this company, the company and its Elders will BE REMEMBERED. There will be an entire office and staff dedicated to managing relationships and concierge transactions with the Elders. This is a well-structured network of influence, confidentiality, business and power.

Benefits ;

  1. 1% Shareholder of the company.
  2. 1 out of 10 limited edition Caveman Elder watch.
  3. 1 out of 10 limited edition Caveman Elder wall clock.
  4. Grand telescope signifying being a watcher over the brand.
  5. 20% discount on all Caveman purchases.
  6. Involvement in design and watchmaking.
  7. Investment opportunities.
  8. 10% Emirates Flights discounts.
  9. 10% safari valley discounts.
  10. Cal Bank Premium banking benefits.
  11. VIP Concierge services

Each Elder will hold a unique coded Caveman Elder card which will give access to platinum credit treatment with all our partner brands from Hospitality, Fitness, Fashion and travel industries as well as private and confidential concierge transactions.


  1. $50,000 commitment. (this will take care of most of the above mentioned benefits in case we fail to get these benefits with partner companies as sponsorships. The Elders Administrative office will make payments for these benfeits for our Elders)
  2. Attendance of quarterly meetings
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