At Caveman, our core CSR activities have been centred on water and sanitation because we strongly believe these to be the foundations for socio-economic community development.


Globally, it is projected that more than 700 million people do not have access to adequate drinking water services; most of the population in sub-Saharan Africa are impacted. In Ghana, statistics show that there is a great deal of inequality in the water supply system, with some segments of the population still stripped of sustainable access to water.

According to officials of the Ghana Coalition of NGOs in water and sanitation (CONIWAS), 98% of residents in urban areas are expected to have connections to clean water compared to 50% in the northern region. The SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDGs) 6 mandate all countries to achieve universal and equitable access to clean and safe drinking water for all their citizens. In order for Ghana to achieve its SDG6, investors, donors and volunteers need to help address and bridge the gap in the imbalanced distribution of water in order to guarantee that Ghanaians have access to reliable potable water everywhere.


In dialogue with our stakeholders, we have developed the Caveman Water Africa Project. This is the focal point of our CSR program and provides a coherent framework for leveraging our presence in order to meaningfully and beneficially, impact our local communities and our stakeholders through proceeds from sales of the water Africa watch and clock models.


We are always looking into new and diverse opportunities to support the development of communities in Ghana and welcome approaches from like-minded community-based initiatives where we can be of some assistance. We recognize that the sustainable growth of our business depends on our unwavering commitment to good corporate governance, the development and engagement of our people, proactively identifying and mitigating risks and the sound partnerships that we build with our customers and our local communities. Corporate social responsibility is therefore an integral part of our everyday work.

Our approach to CSR is wide-ranging and focuses on initiatives that make a marked difference in the betterment of our people and the communities in Ghana. Our primary CSR focus area is the development and support of water deprived communities through water provision projects which are sustainable and measurable.


  1. Identify community projects or organizations that reflect the interests and concerns of our employees and our business.
  2. Active engagement and participation is necessary in any initiative we support.
  3. Our CSR initiatives are aligned with our business strategy and our efforts to continually engage with customers and other key stakeholder groups.
  4. Project outcomes must make a material difference to members of our local communities
  5. Partner with Borehole drilling companies to install top-level boreholes and/or wells in the deprived communities to drastically curb the water deprivation problem.`
  6. Engage a project ambassador/influencer to help with publicity and awareness
  7. Partnering a major Media house to get news of our activities across the nation.
  8. Launch this campaign with a major event where selected masterpieces of the Water Africa wristwatches will be auctioned to support this campaign.

Our Strategy

We have enlisted top-level, marketing and accounting team to ensure transparency and impeccable accountability in the execution of our project plans. Our team achieves this by establishing a set of criteria, that will help to ensure that the projects are

  1. Long-lasting
  2. Deliver tangible benefits for the community as a whole &
  3. Encourage prosperity in our local stakeholder communities.

All of the projects we embark on and/or support must meet one or more of the criteria above.

Let’s PARTNER and collectively leave a GENERATIONAL IMPACT and make AFRICA  the HOME we deserve.

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