This level constitutes all customers of the Caveman brand. Their value cannot be quantified. They form our largest client base. These are members who value originality as opposed to replicas and would lean towards the former at any given time irrespective of their purchasing power. These members are not only customers but defenders of the brand. Social media is our strongest marketing platform; hence, all sorts of unwarranted comments may be thrown at us but usually before are aware, the Cavemen would have handled the situation due to their strong, sentimental and passionate affiliation to the brand. The Cavemen only want to see one thing, which is to see the Caveman Brand thrive and succeed. We cannot place a value to the Cavemen. They are our heroes and together, we champion a worthy course towards this all-too-importance history in the making.


1. Membership of the caveman community 
2. Discounts and notification of all caveman events 
3. Notifications on new model releases
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