• Black Hermit GHS 4,000.00Approximately:$372.00

    Release date : 15th May, 2023.   
    An automatic timepiece with a relatively flat case and a subtle yet sophisticated minimalist design.
    Comes in Single Black Box

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    Available on backorder

  • Endo Turbo Silver GHS 5,100.00

    A pure solid 24k Silver stainless steel EndoTurbo.

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    Out of stock

  • Endo Turbo v2 GHS 5,500.00Approximately:$511.50

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  • Kingsman Turbo GHS 3,500.00Approximately:$325.50

    Takes 3 to 5 working days after order is confirmed to be delivered. A new addition to the Turbo collection.  This timepiece is designed to flaunt. Something for the debonair gentleman who has nothing to hide. IP plated rose gold case, crown and buckles to guarantee top quality.
    Comes in Single Black Box.

    Release date: 12th February, 2023

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  • Turbo Icon GHS 3,500.00Approximately:$325.50

    A wristwatch for a lady who knows her watches and definitely loves to flaunt one. The elegant moon phase dial sits in a ROSE GOLD plated case. This timepiece defines luxury and elegance.
    Comes in Single Black Box

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