The EMY Africa Awards is an esteemed platform dedicated to celebrating exceptional African men and personalities for their notable achievements and significant contributions and for inspiring positive change across Africa and beyond.

Founded by Kojo Soboh, this prestigious event also includes complementary awards for women challenging the status quo.

This EMY Awards 2023 Soireè in Lagos celebrates both past Nigerian awardees and present nominees. The event aims to bring together like-minded young achievers, game changers, and innovators who are making groundbreaking strides in their respective fields. It’s designed to inspire excellence and uplift men, particularly in a Pan-African context.

The EMY Africa Awards not only celebrate achievements but also, aims to inspire the next generation of leaders.

Caveman Watches has garnered international acclaim as the first Ghanaian-made watch brand to be featured in the esteemed New York Times.

It stands proudly as Africa’s foremost emerging luxury brand. It has earned the endorsement of influential figures and celebrities across the continent and around the world